Weigh in Day: Thursday 14 th May 2015

1lb off this week – quite happy with that.  I’m a daily weigher (please don’t judge) and most of the time I find it encouraging but this week it’s been a tad soul destroying.  I’ve been 1lb down, 1lb on, on and off all week.  So it was good to see that pound this morning.  In fact 4 more ounces and I would have been in the next stone bracket down.  I always find that my weight loss slows on the cusp of getting into the next stone down.  Because of this too, it doesn’t look as though I will be making it to my mini target in time for my summer holiday.  I’m hoping I’ll be close but I think it’s unlikely that I’ll get there in time.  I shall not be disheartened though and keep ploughing away!

This week I’ve had 6 good EE days and one good old fashioned Green day.  So what have I been eating this week?

I tried cooled couscous with yogurt and fruit for breakfast one day, not too sure about that but it wasn’t dreadful.  We had a very tasty Quorn mince pasta bake when we had a friend round for tea – he didn’t realise it was quorn, lol!

Slimming World Burger in a Bowl

We had Burger in a Bowl out of the Slimming World Fakeaway recipe book – we love this and have it at least once every couple of weeks.  Sometime I have it with swede chips but as I fancied normal chips that evening so made them myself Slimming World style – my hubby always says ‘why would you ever buy frozen chips again when Slimming World ones taste so good?’  I agree with him as they’re soooooo good and best of all free!

Fajita Chicken and Wedges

The following day I made Fajita Chicken and Wedges again because it really is that good!  You can find the recipe here!

Recipe: Syn Free Mexican Lightly Spiced Rice

We had a delicious pork stir fry one evening and the following day my new non stick pan arrived and to test it, I came up with a new recipe

Yesterday, the little one and I met up with my mum, sister and my two beautiful nieces for lunch and shopping.  I love that if I don’t have my Healthy Extra B choice for breakfast I can have things like a wholemeal ham sandwich for lunch and only have to count a few syns for the extra bread and spread!

So this evening I have Fitness Pilates again (it wasn’t on last week as the hall was being used as a polling station) so I’m trying a new slow cooker recipe out today that I can eat when I get in.  Hopefully it’s as lush as I’m hoping it will be and I’ll be sharing it with you soon!  x


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