Slimming World’s EE SP Plan Day 6 – the day I decided SP wasn’t for me

So as you can see from the title of this blog post I have reluctantly decided to call quits on my week on SP.  This is for several reasons…

Last night I developed a really bad headache, very quickly and had to take myself off to bed at 9.30pm.  I used to suffer regularly from really bad headaches but haven’t had many since starting the Slimming World plan so this was quite unusual.  However, I also had a sore throat last night and suffered badly through the night with bunged up sinuses and still feel a bit grotty this morning.  So generally I feel a bit under the weather.  This wouldn’t have deterred me on it’s own but…

I had a cheeky weigh in this morning, only to find that I’m exactly the same weight as I was on Thursday, 1lb down on my starting weight last Monday.  So I doubt that miraculously I’m going to lose 6-9lbs in the next two days!

Also with it being a bank holiday weekend, we have been invited to meet my family out for lunch today.  Now I was planning to take a couple of Alpen Lights and an apple with me and avoid lunch completely, to just sit there very saintly like, watching everyone else eating their lunches and stick to my SP plan.  But after weighing myself this morning, in all honesty  started to wonder why I’m bothering.  My husband will tell you that last night I was determined to see this through to the end of day 7 but I’m just feeling so disappointed that all of my hard work seems to have been for nothing.

For those of you following my blog and to those of you reading my daily posts in the future I’m sure you’ll agree that I stuck to the SP plan rigidly.  At every meal I had at least 50% speed foods.  I only ate S and P foods and never went hungry.  I had 10-15 syns a day and always had my Healthy Extra A choice and my two Healthy Extra B choices but it would appear that for some reason SP is just not for me.

As I said I regularly lose 2-5lbs following the EE plan with a few of the old fashioned Red and Green days thrown in but for some reason the SP plan and I don’t get on.  It’s very sad because I hoped it would get me into the next stone bracket down and give my weight loss a boost to get to my mini goal of 14 stone in time for my holiday in the summer but it just hasn’t worked and I think that I’d probably have lost more sticking to what I usually eat.

Now, please don’t be put off giving SP a try for yourself because as I’ve said I know that lots of people lose a really good amount on it, I’ve seen losses of 7 to 10 pounds which must be amazing.  So I’d recommend you give it a go.  If nothing else I’ve made some lovely meals this week and eaten very healthily and it may well show next week, you never know.

I will obviously continue to share my recipes on this blog and keep you up to date with my journey in my weekly weigh in’s.

So this morning I’m going to have branflakes, chopped, strawberries and raspberries topped with…yogurt!  Lol!

See you all again soon! x


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