Slimming World’s EE SP Plan Day 5

A  much more relaxed day today thank goodness.  After yesterday it’s been so nice to not have to rush off anywhere!

Breakfast - Slimming World's EE SP plan day 5
So I began my day with my usual segmented grapefruit, followed by 30g of choc mini Weetabix (HEB), chopped strawberries and some raspberries.  Today I topped it with quark but I tried watering it down to a yogurt like consistency (like I did for the overnight oats) and added sweetener and vanilla essence to taste.  It was lovely, again I’m not sure you’d know it wasn’t yogurt!

This morning the little one and I headed out in the sunshine (in our winter coats because it was quite nippy) and had yet another trip to Sainsburys for more quark and some other bits and pieces.  Yes, you read that right more quark!  I wouldn’t have managed this week without it!

Lunch - Slimming World's EE SP Plan Day 5
Metabolism boosting speed soup – my variation on a the popular tomato speed soup, see here for the recipe.  And a gluten free wrap (HEB) with a little cottage cheese, chicken, tomato and cucumber.

This afternoon I managed to find the time to wash my hair and have a couple of treats whilst the little one had her nap.  I had a packet of Asda Good and Counted Sweet Chill Flavour Popcorn (3.5 syns) Delish! Savoury popcorn who knew?  And 6 pieces of Green and Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate (6 syns).

Tea - Slimming World's EE SP Plan Day 5
Turkey Bolognese over cooked broccoli – one of my favourite meals (usually I have it with a small portion of pasta, sob!  But honestly it’s very nice over broccoli too).  I posted the recipe last week, you can find it here.
For pudding I mixed half a tub of quark with a butterscotch Options hot chocolate (2 syns) and topped it with chopped strawberries and some raspberries.

Speed foods consumed today: Grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries, tomato, cucumber, pasatta, carrot, onion, garlic, celery, mushrooms and broccoli

Protein foods consumed today: Quark, cottage cheese, baked beans, chicken, turkey mince

Total syns for the day: 11.5

Total cups of water: 10

See you tomorrow evening for day 6!  Almost there!


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