Slimming World’s EE SP Plan Day 4

So today was always going to be a busy one and I knew I’d have to plan my meals well in advance to give me the time and energy I’d need to get through it!

Breakfast - Slimming World's EE SP Plan Day 4
Segmented grapefruit
Overnight oats SP style – right I think I cracked it this time!  So last night I took half a tub of quark and added some water to it and gave it a good stir to thin it out to the consistency of yogurt.  I then added a few drops of vanilla essence to it and about a quarter teaspoon of lemon essence.  Another good stir, a quick taste and I was satisfied that it was the consistency of yogurt and tasted good.  I then added 35g of oats (HEB) to the quark and stirred it well.  It went super thick, super quick though as I stirred, so I then added enough water to it again to thin it out and it resembled how overnight oats usually looks with yogurt added.  This morning I topped it with chopped strawberries, some raspberries and a little sweetener and it was really, really good!  I’m not sure you’d know it was quark to be honest!

So this morning was toddler yoga, yes you read that right, toddler yoga!  The little one and I always have such a good time and today was no exception!  Afterwards we nipped to the shops because I had ran out of strawberries and raspberries (in fact my fridge is looking a little bare, I can’t believe how much fruit and veg we’re getting through!  As usual we walked there and back.  When we got home, I was a little peckish so I had three of my mini quiches to see me through until lunch.

Every Thursday evening at the moment I attend a Fitness Pilates class from 7.20pm to 8.20pm so I have to rush off after the little one goes to bed and have tea when I get in later.  So I knew I needed a pretty decent lunch and some good afternoon snacks to help get me through until then.

Lunch - Slimming World EE SP Plan Day 4
For lunch I made myself a salad and salmon wrap, flaking half of the salmon fillet I cooked last night and using a gluten free wrap as my second HEB.  I also had the 3 remaining mini quiches that I made yesterday.

This afternoon we headed out on foot again, this time with Daddy in tow, to our little one’s 2 year review with the Health Visitor. Who was happy to confirm that she is a healthy, happy little girl with no issues other than those most toddlers suffer from – mainly being a picky eater!

In the afternoon I prepared a nice big salad for our tea to go with our baked bean and cheese omelette which I will cook when I return home from fitness pilates later on.  It always needs to be something quick and simple to put together as it’s quite late when I get in and I’m usually exhausted afterwards.

When I finally got to sit down this afternoon, lol, I had half a tub of cottage cheese and a large apple as well as some syns, a packet of Space Raiders (3 syns) and a Cadbury’s Freddo (5 syns) which would hopefully see me through to this evening.

My fitness pilates was the usual combination of hard work and good fun but it went on a bit late tonight so by the time I’d walked home it was 9pm.  Thank goodness I’d prepared the tea!

Dinner - Slimming World's SP Plan Day 4
Baked bean and cheese (HEA) omelette with salad (don’t worry that’s not a G&T in the background, just a glass of sparkling water).
Pudding - Slimming World's EE SP plan day 4
Quark mixed with a sachet of orange Options hot chocolate (2 syns), topped with strawberries and raspberries (sorry started tucking into this before realising I hadn’t taken a pic).  To me this tasted just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange – gorgeous, I shall be making this again!

6 Mikado Biscuits (3 syns)

Speed foods consumed today: Grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries, apple, red pepper, yellow pepper, courgette, onion, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber.

Protein foods consumed today: Quark, baked beans, cottage cheese, eggs, salmon

Total syns for the day: 13

Total cups of water: 10

Over half way there now!  See you tomorrow evening for day 5!


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