Slimming World’s EE SP Plan Day 3

It’s the third day for me on EE SP today, I’m almost half way there!  So I woke early (again!) and prepared a spiced cabbage soup for lunch (recipe here) using the other half of the Savoy cabbage from last night’s tea.

Then I prepared breakfast:
Breakfast - Slimming World's EE SP Day 3
Segmented grapefruit
30g Mini Choc Weetabix (HEB) with half a tub of Arla raspberry quark yogurt (half a syn – see yesterdays post re lunch for more info), strawberries and raspberries and a little sweetener, this was the tastiest breakfast I’ve had so far.  The Arla quark yogurt is really growing on me!

The weather hasn’t been all that nice here today, so the little one and I spent the first part of the morning making crustless mini quiches suitable for SP for me to eat over the next couple of days.  I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here and give you the recipe, as there are so many out there already.  If you go to a search engine such as Google and type in ‘Slimming World Crustless Quiches’ (throw in the word ‘mini’ too if you want them little like mine) and you’ll see there are lots out there already.  As you can see I lined the cases with wafer thin ham before filling and they turned out very nicely indeed.  Mine included a few tbsp. of baked beans, a few tbsp. of cottage cheese, red pepper, courgette, small pieces of cooked chicken, salt, pepper and four eggs.  I have to admit that once the 12 little delights had cooled I did have a couple whilst popping them in the fridge – I couldn’t resist!  They’re full of free SP foods after all!
Crustless Mini Quiches - Slimming World SP Day 3
After making our mini quiches we went out with the pram to Sainsburys to pick up some ‘bits’, including more quark and some vanilla and lemon essence as someone suggested adding it to quark on one of the Facebook pages I follow.

4 Mini Quiches
Bowl of syn free spiced cabbage soup – recipe here.  Served with a warmed gluten free ciabatta (HEB)
Half a tub of Arla raspberry quark yogurt (half a syn)

The above is the most filling lunch I’ve had so far, I was absolutely stuffed after it!

Later in the afternoon though, I got a little peckish and my daughter’s Easter egg stash began to beckon.  So I dug out my Cadbury Mini Egg stash and ate 8 of those instead (6 syns – they’re 1.5 syns for 2), followed a little later on by a bag of beef Space Raiders from a multi-pack (3 syns).

I also snacked on some chicken whilst the little one had her tea.

DInner - Slimming World SP Plan Day 3
Syn free salt and pepper pan fried salmon (see how I make this here) with swede chips (and how I make these here) and a nice big salad.  I nibbled on my HEA of cheese whilst I cooked and I also cooked the other salmon fillet at the same time, so I can have it cold for lunch tomorrow.
For pudding I had half a tub of quark mixed with sachet of white chocolate Options hot chocolate, topped with chopped strawberries and raspberries.  This is fast becoming a favourite of mine, I even picked up some more white chocolate Options sachets when we went out today!

Something I haven’t mentioned is that my plate is a 10 inch plate rather than the usual 12 inch plate, a slimming trick I know helps you eat less.  Here’s our plates this evening – the hubby has a 12 inch plate and had SW chips and steak as he’s not keen on salmon or swede.

My stomach is doing loop the loops this evening though.  Thinking it might be the cabbage soup, lol!

Speed foods consumed today: Grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries, red pepper, courgette, Savoy cabbage, celery, carrot, onion, green pepper, garlic, pasatta, swede, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber

Protein foods consumed today: Quark, baked beans, cottage cheese, chicken, eggs, salmon

Total syns for the day: 12

Total cups of water: 10

See you all tomorrow for day 4!


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