Slimming World’s EE SP Plan Day 2

So day 2  of my week on Slimming World’s EE SP plan has been another good day but I’ve felt rather lethargic and a bit waffy on and off, I’m hoping it will pass and my body will get used to it soon.

So I got up early this morning and prepared the slow cooker for this evening’s tea, we’re having Lightly Spiced Slow Cooked Gammon (please click here for the recipe.) The house has smelled absolutely amazing all day and we couldn’t wait for tea time to come!  It’s lovely knowing that you won’t have to start cooking later on and that it’s all there ready for you to serve up (well apart from pan frying some cabbage but that’s not exactly onerous, lol!)

Breakfast - Slimming World's SP Plan Day 2
Segmented grapefruit
Overnight oats SP style – last night I mixed 100g of quark with 35g oats (HEB) and a little water as the quark was too thick to mix in on it’s own (I like to mix rather than layer my overnight oats, otherwise I find it too dry – it would definately be too dry with quark). I left it overnight and topped with raspberries and strawberries this morning. It was nice, but a little bland. I think you’ll only like it if you like quark to begin with. Next time, and I do plan on doing it again, I will mix in some frozen berries the night before and add a little sweetener. I think that will help give it the combined sweet and sour flavours that it lacks without the yogurt.

So this morning the little one and myself attended our usual Tuesday morning dancing class.  This involves a 30 minute walk up a very steep hill to get there, lots of silly dancing whilst we’re there and then the walk home via the park and a brief visit to the duck pond – we like to feed ducks, can you tell?  As I said earlier I found myself struggling for energy a bit today, especially during the walk up the hill but I got over it and managed to go without a snack until lunch time.

Lunch - Slimming World's SP Plan Day 2
Another nice big salad with lettuce, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber and yellow pepper seasoned with salt, black pepper and vinegar.  Topped today with cooked ham which I cubed (leftover from our Sunday evening meal) and cottage cheese.  Again I had a warmed gluten free ciabatta as my second HEB.
For dessert I had an Arla Protein Raspberry yogurt – but Laura you shouldn’t have yogurts on SP days, I hear you cry!  Well these are new and they aren’t yogurts in the traditional sense.  They’re 91% quark and the rest is fruit etc.  It was quite tasty but it was very obviously still quark and not as yogurt like as one might hope it to be.  But as a substitute and at only 1 syn per pot, it was a nice way to finish my lunch and I did feel suitably full afterwards.

Mid afternoon I enjoyed my syns as per usual – a packet of Metcalfe’s Sweet and Salty Topcorn (4 syns) and six pieces of Green and Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate (6 syns).

At about 4pm I got a little peckish so I segmented an orange and ate that, very refreshing and it filled me up until teatime.  I also had two slices of mature Low Low cheese as my HEA for the day.

Dinner Slimming World SP Plan Day 2
Slow cooked lightly spiced gammon (recipe here) served with pan fried Savoy cabbage – very tasty indeed.
Pudding - Slimming World SP Plan Day 2
For pudding I had half a tub of quark mixed with a sachet of Cadbury’s Bourneville Highlights Hot Chocolate (2 syns) topped with strawberries and raspberries.

Speed foods consumed today: Grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, yellow pepper, orange, onion, leeks, celery, carrot, garlic, red pepper, green pepper, passata, Savoy cabbage

Protein foods consumed today: Quark, pork, cottage cheese, gammon, cannellini beans

Total syns for the day: 13

Total cups of water: 10 – I’m not intentionally drinking more than usual so maybe it’s a side effect of SP, not a bad thing surely!

See you tomorrow for day 3!


3 thoughts on “Slimming World’s EE SP Plan Day 2

  1. Hi :o) There are some lovely recipes on here & I like the look of your pan with the two handles for use in the oven! I wish you the very best of luck & will look forward to seeing your results at the end of the week!
    P.S. Well done on your weight loss so far – you have done amazingly well! :o)

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