Slimming World’s EE SP Plan Day 1

So today was the first day of my week of EE SP and it was actually quite enjoyable!

For more information about Slimming World’s EE SP plan please see yesterdays post for the basic information – ideally you will need the books from the 2015 starter pack to plan your own week but I am more than happy for people to follow my 7 day example if they want to.

I forgot to say in yesterdays post that fully intend to have 10-15 syns a day and drink my usual 8+ cups of hot water a day.  The reason?  I always have better losses the more syns I have and I just love my cups of hot water these days as I feel beautifully hydrated and healthy because of it.

I want to follow SP 100%, so I won’t be consuming any non S and P free foods or any synned versions of free foods (synned yogurts etc) and will just be sticking to S and P foods only, along with my Healthy Extra choices and syns.  I see this plan almost as a detox, it’s clean eating at it’s very heart and that’s what I hope to enjoy about it.

So this morning I started by recording my starting weight in my food diary so that next Monday I can let you know the results.  I’m hoping for a really good loss but I know that although it seems to work for some it also appears to backfire for many who have, shock horror even reported gaining weight by following it.  So only time will tell!

So my first day looked like this:

Breakfast Slimming World EE SP Day 1
Bowl of segmented grapefruit
2 slices of wholemeal toast using medium sliced bread from a 400g loaf (HEB)

By 11am I was very hungry, whether this was psychological I don’t know but I decided to have an apple, a nice speedy choice!

We then went for a walk along the canal in the sunshine to feed the ducks.  I like to get out for at least a small walk with my toddler every day if I can, that’s when we’re not busy doing something else on her social calendar of course.

Lunch - Slimming World EE SP Day 1
A big salad, consisting of lettuce, tomato and cucumber, seasoned well with salt & black pepper with a light drizzle of vinegar, a packet of cooked chicken pieces and 2 tablespoons of Lighter than Light Mayonnaise (1 syn)  I served this with a warmed gluten free ciabatta (HEB)

I was absolutely stuffed after my salad so didn’t have any pudding (or fruit as it’s known on SP, lol!)

I like to enjoy some of my syns when my toddler has her sleep in the afternoon.  So I sat down with my fifth cup of hot water for the day, and had a packet of Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn, sweet ‘n salt flavour (4 syns) and 6 pieces of 70% Green and Black’s Dark Chocolate (6 syns) – I love this stuff.

Tea - Slimming World EE SP Day 1
Chilli (topped with my HEA of cheese) and swede chips – please click here for the recipe.
Pud - Slimming World EE SP Day 1
Half a tub of quark, mixed with a sachet of white chocolate Options hot chocolate (2 syns) and topped with chopped strawberries and some raspberries – this was fabulous!

4 Mikado biscuits (2 syns)

Speed foods consumed today: Grapefruit, apple, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, celery, carrot, garlic, red, yellow and green pepper, courgette, swede, passatta, strawberries and raspberries

Protein foods consumed today: Chicken, 5% fat mince, kidney beans and quark

Total syns for the day: 15

Total cups of water: 11 – went a bit overboard today, must have been thirsty work this SP business!

So tonight I am going to prepare overnight oats for tomorrow morning, SP style of course and soak a gammon joint that I am going to pop in the slow cooker tomorrow morning!  Then there’s only lunch to worry about!  I’m finding that planning is very important where SP is concerned!


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