Hello fellow slimmers!

So this is my very first slimming post.

I’ll start with a little info about my slimming journey so far.  I have tried many ‘diets’ over the years and been successful on all of them.  The problem comes when you go back to eating ‘normally’ as you can’t diet forever.  And as everyone always says, I tended to put all the weight I’d lost back on plus some more every time.

Well last September I weighed a whopping 19 stone 7 and I don’t know what clicked to get me motivated to do it but something did.  I am a full time mum and cannot attend any local classes as they all tend to fall at my little one’s bedtime or are across the other side of the city at rush hour and I don’t drive.  So I splashed out some cash and purchased the Slimming World starter pack directly from SW on Ebay.  They’re not cheap but for my health and happiness I decided it would be worth it.  Why Slimming World you ask.  Well I know of a couple of people, very slim happy people, who lost weight on the Slimming World plan and have stayed that way, plus I attended a group in 2011 before our little one arrived and was doing well until the consultant moved the class to a location I was unable to get to on foot.  I enjoyed Slimming World because it feels like a weight loss plan, rather than a diet.  You don’t ever think to yourself ‘I’m hungry but can’t eat anything’ like you have with the diets I have done in the past.  If you’re hungry you can actually eat something!

32 weeks later I’m 4 stone 3lb down and weighing in at what feels to be a very slim 15 stone 4lbs.  I’ve gone from a size 22/24 to a comfortable size 16 and am even fitting into some size 14’s.

I have been contemplating a blog for a while now as I would like to share the recipes I have put together and found online for the plan and also use it as another motivational tool on my journey to my target which I have currently set at 12 stone!

Wishing everyone a good weight loss week!  Lolly x


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